Strove to find a way to punch people in the face by using the Internet.


New! Today! Super-special guest indignity from Kyle!
Melissa was backing the car out to wash it and there was a thin coat of dust on the back window. I drew a humongous penis on the back window in the style of the restroom graffiti penis. Humongous half circle balls with cleavage attached to a not quite hard dick that was smaller next to the balls and got bigger next to the grossly overproportioned head. I completed it with a slit for a pee hole and sperm balls shooting out like on the machine gun pictures I'm sure you drew at one time. Melissa and I stood back and admired it and then quickly washed it off before we even started on the rest of the car. We then took Preston to her mothers house and went to Panama City with the baby. When we stopped to get some lunch, Melissa noticed that the penis had miraculously reformed on the back window when we drove down the dusty road. It was not quite as clear but obviously a huge circumcised phallus to anyone that gave it anything more than a casual glance. It took repeated washing to get it from the "Look at that huge dick" to "Is that a gigantic weener" to "That kinda looks like a big ol' pecker" to finally being gone. I guess the oil from my fingers wouldn't wash off.



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