Strove to find a way to punch people in the face by using the Internet.


I never intended this site to be a typical "blog" (in fact, at first I initially intended only to use blogspot to dump my occasional freelance article or record review onto the Web, so friends could have easy access to them, in the event I ever actually made any friends), but I'm going to go ahead and do a typical "blog" thing here and use an entry to highlight a couple of offsite links.

These links pertain to a newly published book on Burning Man, which is that thing where hippies gobble drugs in the desert:

This is Burning Man

Author's book-related blog

Buy it at Amazon

The circumstances are special, you see. The author, Brian Doherty, is an old and good friend. And, importantly, he's the guy who kickstarted my writing "career" (such a priapic word, to describe such a flaccid thing). Though you'd never guess it from the blather on this site, writing is actually what pays my bills, keeping me awash in psoriasis cream and Zatoichi DVDs, so I owe him an enormous debt of gratitude that extends past even simple friendship (and, without getting too sappy I hope, that would really be enough).

Brian's a great writer, and a great thinker. He's incredibly smart in an approachable, human way. And I'm sure if I ever get around to reading his book it'll turn out to be chock full of illuminating anecdotes and sociological insight and shit like that, as well as naked ladies and violence (I hope).

So check out the site. Check out the blog (god, how I hate that ugly word). Buy the damn thing.

Oh, and Brian — if you read this, how about the next time you jack off some agent or publisher you put a little English on it while mentioning my name? I want to write a book too, Mr. Fancy Book Agent Jack-Off Man. Thanks!

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