Strove to find a way to punch people in the face by using the Internet.


You know how Iron Maiden always has Eddie doing something awesome on their records, like being a pharaoh or traveling through time or turning the devil into a puppet? Well, my friend Rob Ray made a list of things Eddie should never be, and game-show host was one of 'em.

I say that's a fat load of balls. Eddie would make a rad game-show host, one that would cast you into hell for getting a question wrong or something.

Shit, maybe he'd just do it because he's nefarious; like, you'd get the question right and think you solved his mysterious puzzle and will go free but instead Eddie goes, "Ah hah ha ha haaah, I lied!" and it's down into the fiery pit with your ass. You know?

Anyway, I threw a little something together to convince Rob he's wrong on this issue. It's a little unpolished, but it's really meant more to evoke than to be some kind of definitive representation.


I think Rob's still unconvinced, but, personally, I keep looking at my little pic and thinking, "Oh ho ho, that is so cool." Maybe Rob's just being a douche because I obviously schooled him, I dunno.

*UPDATE* Rob Ray concedes! Sweet metal victory, thy taste be redolent of Valhalla.

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