Strove to find a way to punch people in the face by using the Internet.


On the off chance anyone gives a shit, I thought I'd mention that this week I'm doing a little guest blogging over at the SuicideGirls newswire. Yes, I know, blogging. It's kind of a trial dealie to see how we like each other.

For those not familiar with SuicideGirls, it's a trendsetting Web site that's grown into a full-blown, like, cultural movement, with shit-tons of imitators and spin-offs like books and touring revues. All based on the premise that people like to look at pretty girls who are naked. The girls at SuicideGirls happen to be of the naked punk and goth variety, something that, as you might guess, suits me just fine.

Anyway, the newswire is safe for work, picture-wise. At least as safe as this site. Check it out:

International Goth Crime Spree Threatens to Collapse World Civilization

30th Annual Hong Kong International Film Festival Ready to Blow Your Mind

Clueless Old People Surprised by Success of Warped Tour

Green Day Nabs Two Blimps, Instructs Children to Stick It to Man

...and the main SuicideGirls newswire.

Be forewarned — the newswire is safe, but you go clicking around over there and eventually you're going to see a boobie.

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