Strove to find a way to punch people in the face by using the Internet.


Poor Becca
Poor, Poor Becca



She made it through Weird Science, Frankenhooker and Rock 'n Roll Nightmare OK, but Return of the Living Dead proved too taxing, despite being fortified with a healthy dose of energy-packed Absolut peach-flavored vodka (yuck).

Anyway, she learned a valuable lesson, probably. You gotta keep on your toes. Movie night is not for the weak.

(Underwear Shorts, by the way, is a game where I hike my shorts up as far as they'll go and dance around singing, "Underwear shorts, underwear shorts, underwear shorts, underwear shorts," as well as any other improvised lyrics pertinent to underwear, shorts, underwear shorts or the general erotic allure of my creamy inner thighs.)

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