Strove to find a way to punch people in the face by using the Internet.


So for about two minutes this afternoon I hit 100 in the Amazon top 100 for the sub-sub-sub category Humor/General Satire/Nonsense/Crap/Who Cares?/Biographies of Ted Nugent/Gardening/Erotica/Remainders/Mulch/Nobody Likes It.

top 100


Want to help me kick Dilbert's punk ass right back to Cubicleland? Buy a copy today. If you've been kind or misguided enough to already purchase one, why not head over to Amazon and throw some stars up on that bitch, or write a nice review? Fool some other suckers into buying it and get up on some misery-loves-company action, you know you want to.

What the hell kind of Benedict Arnold-ass traitor shit is this?! Huh?

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