Strove to find a way to punch people in the face by using the Internet.


My old pal Brian Doherty reviewed Diary of Indignities in the Hit and Run section of the Reason magazine Web page.

His positive comments on several aspects of the book hit me hard, for a few reasons. First, and most simply, he's a valued friend. He's also extremely smart, and a talented writer and journalist — his books Radicals for Capitalism and This is Burning Man carry my strongest recommendations, and receiving accolades from someone whose brains and craft I respect so much is deeply gratifying.

In addition, Brian's advice and guidance on navigating through the scary carnival haunted house of publishing has been of immeasurable worth in helping me stave off rubber werewolves and evil clowns.

Finally, Brian provided me both encouragement and column space during his tenure at the Independent Florida Alligator, and because of this is absolutely 100% to blame for every word I've ever written. Anyone who's ever spent more than a few minutes on this site knows I can't relate much in the way of success, but I consider the Diary of Indignities book to be a high-water mark. It never would have happened if not for Brian.

What else? Hmm, well, he's also kind of a dick sometimes, and not exactly the dude who's going to say a bunch of nice things about something he considers sucky, so I reckon I can take his review at face value. Unless he's getting soft in his old age. What are you, Brian, like 50 now? Do me a favor — if the passing eons have eroded your dickishness and made you all nice, don't tell me. I'll take happy illusion over the cold grey underpants of reality any day.

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